Day 81.

Boy, are you lucky. Over the next five days, I will post five “Best of…” categories for couples AND single and fabulous persons like myself. Starting today (sometime after psychiatrist appointment but before Newly Singles meeting), The “Not at All Bitter or Jealous 43 Year Old Vegan’s Good Karma ‘Best of’ Valentine’s Day Guide” will offer my picks for five best films, songs, books, date ideas, and gifts. Remember, I’m vegan so there will be a distinct lack of cheesiness regarding my choices.

This upcoming “holiday” is cheesy enough:


Only organic, fair trade, vegan melted 70% or more cacao dark chocolate, of course.


What can I say about this? Could work for straight women or gay men–delusional, obviously.


Yeah, this never happens.


Ditto for singles. What’s with the BS photos of single women always jumping for joy?


Now we’re talking. This should be the only Valentine’s Day card available. Inside message: “Now, please.” S&M version: “Now, slave.”

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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