The “I’m not at all bitter or jealous 43 Year Old Vegan’s Good Karma Valentine’s Day Guide” Day 2.


I don’t care if you call yourself the “Casanova of Cunnilingus”–read it, aloud, together, in bed. You will learn something new (How many parts of the clitoris are there? I didn’t think so, but then I didn’t know until I read the book and no, I’m not telling). And lucky for you two, you’re in an ideal location to display your knowledge. You’re welcome.


Erotic Poems: E. E. Cummings

Don’t know much about poetry, but I’ve come to love several poets: Shakespeare (obviously), Wordsworth, Keats, all those Romantics, Anne Sexton, Seamus Heaney, and e.e. cummings, whose work you see above and can enjoy in this fine collection of his erotic poetry and illustrations. Remember, poetry is meant to be read aloud. I miss having someone read to me. If you’ve yet to do so with your partner, I can’t think of a better book to share (along with the others listed here, of course).


This book has me laughing out loud and recommending it to all my female friends. To know I’m not treading the treacherous waters of 21st century dating alone–sweet relief. Women, men, gay, straight, single, dating, engaged (don’t do it!), married (you did it)–everyone can relate to these hilariously embarrassing, disastrous, touching stories.

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir by Jenny Lawson
My desire to read this book came from learning Lawson lives with mental illness and Rheumatoid Arthritis, too. As I started reading it–and throwing my head back in laughter–I realized she also uses humor to survive. I remember the excruciating pain after my knee replacement surgery, pain that made me double over each time I got out of bed, walked, performed PT, sat on the toilet, got off the toilet. And yet one of my favorite nursing “techs” told me how funny I was, that I always got her laughing.
I flirted with the two cute assisting surgeons before being wheeled into the operating room (everyone involved with my surgery or recovery stopped by for a chat); little did I know that out of the dozen people in the OR, several of them women, these guys were in charge of spreading my legs to insert a catheter into my urethra. So not awkward. I’m petite and still it took two epidurals to knock me out, but not before saying, “I don’t even get dinner first?”
Jenny Lawson and her book came into my life just when I needed them most. I recommended it to all my friends and they loved it, too. My friend, D, lost her copy to her husband, who enjoyed it as much as she did (Lawson lives in Texas, too, and yes, it plays a role in the book).
Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Too by Michael Showalter
I think the title speaks for itself. No more running from promising relationships, gentlemen, because your lady friend has a cat or two (or three).

2 thoughts on “The “I’m not at all bitter or jealous 43 Year Old Vegan’s Good Karma Valentine’s Day Guide” Day 2.

  1. Brilliant writing, all of it, particularly your description of recovery from knee replacement surgery.

    You’ve given me 2 great book recommendations – thanks, I need these pointers !

    I don’t know much about poetry either, but I love to share a few poems with my girlfriend- all the classics, and recently Voltaire. We just like to write poetry to each other, it would be trite in the public forum, but all creation together is creative beauty !

    I love your blog. Truly uplifting, fulfilling, and heartwarmingly funny. You’ve brightened my day, and inspired me for new directions in my writing.

    1. Wow. I’m overwhelmed by your words. Inspired by them to write something of value–honest, true–each day, if for no other reason than I must. Your blog, which is beautiful, by the way, inspires me to continue this soul- and heart-opening journey of mine. There is beauty amongst the ruins. I mean to pay homage to both. You’ve got me itching to check out some Voltaire from the library now. Your post about him brought to mind Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure which, after two readings, has become one of my favorite Bard plays. There’s a poor film version of it; reading it, I understood what my professor meant by its being ahead of its time. Shakespeare, so many, were greatly influenced by Michel de Montaigne, who I’ve come to appreciate for his decidedly modern views on life given the time period in which he lived.

      I can’t wait to delve deeper into your blog. Talk about brilliant writing. Seriously. Pure pleasure to read and the perfect blend of seriousness and playfulness given to topics. Wonderful.


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