The “I’m not at all bitter or jealous 43 year old vegan’s good karma valentine’s day guide” day 5.

I woke up with this song in my head. It encapsulated emotions not roiling within me last night, exactly, but lapping at the shore. Day 5 was meant to contain my unique take on Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Maybe it was sleep deprivation (pain keeping me from a decent night’s sleep turned to prednisone keeping me from feeling sleepy; can’t remember the last time I yawned), a renewed obsession with reading, writer’s block, or weariness of writing, much less giving guidance, on love and relationships. What the hell did I know about love and relationships?

I suspect all of the above played a role in my casual “Fuck it” attitude as the hours ticked by yesterday. Not melancholy, just “meh.” This morning’s song provided the exclamation point to my change of heart about this silly “guide” idea. And then I received a text from one of my dearest friends (and gifted writer who, coincidentally, turned me on to Chopin when the world was young) during “coffee & cause” time:

43 Year Old Vegan, I loved your essay on Valentine’s Day (Day 4). It was wonderful, thoughtful, & inspiring. A perfect piece for me to read before G (her husband) starts a new project out of town. I have been dreading his departure. Have a beautiful Valentine’s Day, 43YOV! Keep speaking the truth in beautiful & often humorous ways. Love u. L.” (italicized words my additions)

Have I mentioned I’ve incredible success in my friendships? An embarrassment of riches because low and behold, another friend emailed this morning:

“Thank you for the link. I started reading it today, and I find it very engaging, interesting, brave and on the mark. I share your ideas especially those concerning animals. It bothers me a lot we treat them badly and kill them. You are very honest about other issues too like womanhood, sex etc. You are a very talented writer. Keep writing!
All the best,


Such words from the talented artist who painted this for me:


Wandering Elephants by Joanna Kos (you can find and buy her work on her website,

Thus began my enthusiasm for collecting local artists’ works. OK, so I’m no expert on love and relationships in the “Mars and Venus” sense, but I’m learning. I’ve learned how to cherish friendships. And to love and be loved.

**Thank you to fellow bloggers, oozing with talent, who’ve left lovely comments about my blog, too. I’ll take good, bad, or indifferent–I’ve thick skin–but good is pretty great.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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