Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Take the money you’d spend on a box of chocolates and give it to your local food bank. Monetary donations are best as they can buy and distribute healthy produce instead of boxes and cans of processed foods to those in need.

Trust me, doing this will give you the warm fuzzies, boost your serotonin and dopamine levels, and make you want to “love the one you’re with.”

3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. totally agree, down with the commercialism of Valentines Day, every day should be a day to show love. 14th Feb 2014 is Makha Bucha Day (a major Buddhist holiday) here in Thailand, it’s a day to do good, refrain from doing evil and to purify the mind through introspective meditation. So, no tacky flowers & cliched restaurant dates !

    1. That sounds like my kind of holiday. Americans…we’re so isolated–from each other, from what’s going on (really going on) in our own country, or around the world. We clock more work hours than any other industrialized country and what have we got to show for it? Sigh. So yes, my V Day suggestions will differ from the “norm.” 😉

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