First sad tears in a while. Asked my dad to join me on a trip to England this summer, Sussex County, where my paternal ancestors lived. I steeled myself to not expect a “yes,” was sure he’d say no. So why did tears spring up, my chest tighten? He had good reasons–weddings and a church group trip to the holy land.

Maybe because he wrote, “What made you decide on England,” when I specifically mentioned the trip was to our ancestral land. I’ve shared his interest in genealogy all my life. And he won’t let me in, enjoy this mutual love of something. Never has, never will. His loss.

And I’m a fool again.

2 thoughts on “Again

    1. So right. How could I think I wouldn’t have expectations…he’s my dad. I took some time and said aloud how thankful I was for him and the good things he taught me. And I felt some peace again. Peace.

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