it came true

it came true

Notice anything different? I do. I see that an extremely kind soul, most likely the woman wearing the light blue coat in the far left of this photo, cleaned off my Subie girl. Older than my mom, a fellow RA sufferer off her meds due to side effects, who lives and cares for her chronically ill adult daughter and sweet dog, Molly, and she cleaned off my car for me.

What can I possibly do to repay her? You better believe I’ll find a way.

4 thoughts on “it came true

  1. Just trying to decipher English: is a “Subie girl” a car ? Maybe, a Subaru car ? Is “RA” Rheumatoid Arthritis ? Sorry for being so nescient of these terms, I’m from England.

    It is so lovely that a lady, in such difficult circumstances, should help you despite her challenges. Altruism thrives in the suburbs.

    I’m reading reports that it’s rather chilly in the US at moment. Keep warm, snuggle and create heat.

    1. Yes, my beloved 14 year old Subaru Outback, and RA is rheumatoid arthritis. Good for you…I have to tell most people. My friend, Diane, would love that you used the word, nescient, in a sentence. She tells me when I’ve used a “big” word, gets a kick out of it. For the life of me, I can’t think of one example at the moment!

      Yes, cold with freezing rain. I hear it pelting the window panes as I type. I have three kitties “sharing” the sofa with me, so warm and snuggled am I. I’ll create heat–and no doubt a disturbance for the cats–when I head to the bedroom in a near future…;)

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