My Valentine’s day wish list

A shovel and snow boots.


My Subie girl’s second from left in the forefront. Wish I could bring her inside. A few birdies still find reason to sing in a nearby tree. So shall I. No hot toddies to keep me warm, but this should do the trick:


Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood.

I officially name him my Valentine this year. With this photo, two vibrators, batteries galore, lots of hip opening yoga, and the free weekend on-line Self Love Seminar I signed up for (info’s in the “5 Ways to Make Yourself More Desirable” post), this could be the best V Day ever.

2 thoughts on “My Valentine’s day wish list

  1. oooh, you are very good at this. Far too good ! Two vibes with extra batteries ? oooah, if only a mere mortal man could match such vampish heights. You’ve got me here MMe Vegan, it’sspring in SE Asia, and the sap is rising. With writing like that you deserve to have all of your valentine dreams come true. I can supply Duracell…,

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