PCRM | Meat Week by Day. Impotence by Night.

PCRM | Meat Week by Day. Impotence by Night..

How does blood flow to the penis to get an erection? The same way blood flows to your heart–through arteries, those pesky passages that get clogged by eating unhealthy food.

No boner? Bummer.

But by all means, enjoy that Valentine’s Day steak you ordered. Eat up. You’re only hurting yourself, the environment, starving people around the world, oh, and complicit in the needless inhumane treatment and deaths of innocent animals.

14 thoughts on “PCRM | Meat Week by Day. Impotence by Night.

  1. Great post, engaging & hard hitting (sic) ! I do worry a little, are you making a case for veganism by ridiculing ED ? I totally get the political ethics of veganism & the health benefits, however ED can also be a psychological health issue. Surely we want happiness for all: the man, his partner, animals, and the planet. Have I really just made a comment asking for sympathy for men suffering ED ? !?

    1. Never would I ridicule ED. As someone who lives with mental illness, written often about it here, and suffered from the female “version” of it–no sex drive– for years, I can somewhat understand what it must feel like to be a man suffering from ED. I’ve read about and heard health professionals speak of the possible negative effects on men’s libido, sex life, getting hard, from an unhealthy diet. I’m well aware PTSD, sexual abuse, etc., can cause it, too. I’ve male friends who’ve suffered from the first two. You’re not the first man to ask me if I was making fun of ED, nor will you be the last.

      Unfortunately, men, in general, not all, find it difficult to discuss mental illness, ED, and go to the doctors far less than women for any or all of these issues. It’s engrained in them and of course, the meat industry spends billions telling them meat is manly, vegans are pussies.

      I understand it’s a very sensitive issue for men; having said that, women’s reproductive systems are up for grabs for any and all ridiculous claims, degrading, humiliating disregard, treatment and, most scary, for taking away our rights to our own bodies through dangerous legislation.

      I just want a healthy, happy world.

      1. I totally agree with all of your points: 1. Lack of libido can be psychological. 2. Men often find it difficult to talk to medical professionals in comparison to women. 3. Women’s sexuality and reproductive systems are commodified, and degraded, within patriarchal culture.

        You have such a wonderful use of language, and insight into the human condition. I guess that you are just parodying patriarchy with reflective language. And, I guess that I’m just a slow learner by only now understanding this. Ultimately, patriarchy doesn’t serve heterosexual men any more than it serves women, I know that you know this. As a heterosexual man I do not wish to degrade, humiliate not disregard a woman’s sexuality/ reproductive system.We live in a symbiotic universe. Just, not sure whether reflection is better than aspiration here.

        I love your writing & posts, you are the most engaging writer that I find here on WordPress. So, I hope that you accept my comment as interest in your views, and not as criticism. A real dialogue is a wonderful thing. For that I thank you.

        1. I use both–reflection and aspiration–out of genuine concern for all involved. I’m thrilled with your comments. That anyone finds my writing worth commenting on, whether it be good, bad, or indifferent, is all I could ask for.

          As an aside, being a single woman in stifling suburbia, I’m starved for connection, intelligent dialogue, conversations about silly and serious topics. You’ve been a blessing. Truly. Intellectual stimulation is as much of a turn on for me as physical. In other words, talking with you is fun as hell.

  2. Surely you don’t just want to “reflect” violent & degrading patriarchy with it’s mirror image ?

    I don’t want that to sound like the aggressive comment that it does, so please let me contextualise. I’ve spent lots of time discussing whether black reparations means repayment for injuries done.I think that it means painting a vision of a better tomorrow for black & white people, there’s little point in calculating past injuries, the challenge is to build a better future regardless.

    So, in terms of ED & patriarchy (& the vegan solution): Patriarchy legitimises atrocities against women, further it both denigrates and disempowers women and men. Rather than mirror-reflect-replicate patriarchy (e.g. women making fun of ED), we should actually try to build a framework of equal interaction.

    I think this is what Mandela, Luther King, Wilding Davison, Greer, and maybe Camille Paglia tried to do.

    I do feel very self conscious that as a man I make this statement, But if only black people speak for racial equality, only women speak for gender equality, only LGBT speak for sexual equality then what can we ever hope to achieve ?

    After all, Libido for both women & men, is mainly about a psychological desire. If we can nourish the mind’s desire the body will follow.

    1. I just spent over an hour writing a thoughtful, serious response to your equally so comment and I fucking lost it. Fuck! Excuse the language. Fuck, fuck, fuckety, fuck. I worked so hard on it, too. Ugh!

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