We Animals


We Animals

“Drawn from many photos taken over 15 years, We Animals illustrates and investigates animals in the human environment: whether they’re being used for food, fashion and entertainment, or research, or are being rescued to spend their remaining years in sanctuaries. Award-winning photojournalist and animal advocate Jo-Anne McArthur provides a valuable lesson about our treatment of animals, makes animal industries visible and accountable, and widens our circle of compassion to include all sentient beings.”

3 thoughts on “We Animals

    1. It’s hard not to. I have to take regular breaks from the photos and videos and horror stories, too. And not just the animals. Same goes for human suffering: homelessness, mental illness, hunger, poverty, injustice abounds there, too, obviously. I find meditation, journaling, getting some fresh air, talking to friends gives me the strength to get back in the game. Peace.

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