Day 4: Meet Mike, of Karen and Mike mentioned in the previous post. Karen ran out of the shot. This is one of the things I like about Mike (and Karen)–he reads. A lot. And not the crapola that takes up most of the Bestseller lists. The good stuff. He digs David Foster Wallace. Enough said.

Anyway, while Luke performed wonders on my Subie girl at the garage, Mike and Karen and I sat in their toasty living room chatting away about any and everything. Karen brought out her knitting (I had no clue!!), I sipped my Starbucks “soy caramel latte no whip” (’cause I’m a Socialist Elitist Treehugging Vegan), and Mike pretended to read as we travelled from topic to topic.

They spent most of their day with me, made me feel at home, humored me and my tangents, and reminded me why I loved living on that street…excellent companions on a grey, rainy Friday. Any day.

They made my day.

**So did seeing my 100th follower. I’m overwhelmed, flattered, touched…thank you, wonderfully talented people.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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