Finally. My Subie girl’s getting four new tires she’s needed for far too long. Friend, Karen, met me at her mechanic’s garage–nothing like getting a mechanic recommendation–at 8AM (I was ON TIME) and will schlep me around with her till my car’s ready between 4-5PM. That’s a true friend. She and her husband, Mike (my favorite Dudes on Books “dude” who gives good conversation and has a great sense of humor; more on him later), invited me into their wonderfully cozy home, and offered me the antique cushioned rocking chair by their gas-lit fireplace–and a hand-knit afghan. Add to that two handsome felines warming their bellies by my feet and caffeine-fueled book chat, and you’ll understand the warm glow in my belly.

I brought my camera for the #100happydays challenge; the problem will be choosing one of many snapped already. Did I mention this “cute as a button” couple’s house sits on the same street as the 50’s rancher I shared with the ex for several years? I love the couple who bought the house, becoming chummy with them and their gorgeous twenty-something son during the process (I can, well, not laugh, but smile a Mona Lisa smile over selling that place now). They worked tirelessly giving her the love (yes, love; Greg grew up in the popular neighborhood) and attention she needed to shine. Photos will be taken.

And the happy mojo kept flowing: Mike, Greg, the gorgeous son, and another Mike meet at an old bar/restaurant in the historic district Mondays at 8:30PM for Trivia Night. Guess which 43 Year Old Vegan’s been invited to join them? Yep. Turns out I will be hanging out at bars (well, one) with guys again. The clincher? The bar owner’s (yet another Mike) daughter’s vegan, so he added a vegan menu to allow her (and me!) to eat there. Nice dad, huh?

So my advice for a happy day? Hard to believe, but it’s a line from none other than Frank Burns of M*A*S*H (just don’t be a buzz kill and tell me you had to Google the show):

“It’s nice to be nice to the nice.”

Well said, Ferret Face.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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