Day 6: “Man in a Hurry” remains my favorite Andy Griffith Show episode. The commenter’s feelings below mirror my own. I’ll only add that it’s about as perfect as TV gets, sitcom-wise: superb acting, story, writing, filming, authenticity. Its message is as relevant today as it was then. Sit back, relax, and enjoy television at its best this Sunday.

The Simple Life
By lstaltari, Oct 16, 2011
This is a very deep Andy Griffith Show. The basic storyline is simple but its point and its message are profound. The lovely scene at the end when Malcolm realizes just how special these people are, and how much they have taught him brought a tear to my eye. The humor of Mayberry is sprinkled throughout and is really gentle in this episode. Basically this is a “day in the life” on a Sunday in Mayberry when people simply do not work and simply relax. It’s interesting to watch from the vantage point of our busy times, and it makes one reflect on taking some time to stop and smell the roses. The addition of Gomer for the second time is a pleasure, and the reference to his cousin Goober (for the first time) is special for long-standing fans of the series. The porch scenes are among the best in the series. Not to be missed!

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