Today I sat in this one of many seating areas on the second floor of a New York-based Wegmans that opened five minutes from home in 2012. My mom’s a huge fan and I admit, coming here these last few weeks before getting new tires on my increasingly shaky car, the place has grown on me.

Is it pathetic that I spent six hours here today? Now that included actual grocery shopping (and OMGoodness-ing over everything they sell which took twice as long as grabbing the few items I needed) and embarking on what became a marathon chat with a woman reading on the sofa to my left; suffice it to say we shared similar views about politics, social issues, and religion.

I brought my laptop, journal, and library book intending to write and read after my Peggy session (happy sigh). Neither happened but all was not lost. As important as my blog and books are to me, it was not a wasted day. I met and discussed interesting topics with another human, face to face. That’s a good thing.

On a side note, Wegmans uses organic coffee and offers almond as well as soy milk (both organic) at their coffee “shop,” so I got a delicious almond milk vanilla latte, no whip, and it cost less than one at a certain popular coffee house chain. (Are you listening, Starbucks? I’m leaving you. No hard feelings, though you are puzzlingly slow at moving with the times.)

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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