Exactly. A book of fairy tales and contradictions, whose words, already twisted after millennia of being translated into different languages, are twisted still to “legitimize” racist, bigoted, hate-filled arguments for denying all Americans equal rights and treatment.

The religious right are pushing legislation in the following four states such as that in Arizona (including pharmacists denying birth control to women for religious reasons). PLEASE take time today–it’s Friday, the least productive day at work in the US, anyway–and send civil but firm emails to these four governors letting them know of your disappointment and displeasure in allowing bigotry, prejudice, and hate–under the guise of “religious faith”–to legislate decreased civil rights and healthcare to all US citizens.

Much to their disbelief, religious persecution does not exist in this country; in fact, faith-based organizations are afforded benefits above and beyond most businesses–tax-exempt status. If they want to affect legislative change (in a most despicable manner), enter the political stage, then they need to be stripped of tax-exempt status. Feel free to remind the four governors below of this. Now more than ever, we need to stand up and DO SOMETHING.  (Mississippi Governor Bryant)   (Missouri Gov. Nixon)   (Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin)    (Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback–legendary in his ultra-conservative stances)


    1. We deplore human rights violations in other countries and it’s happening in our own back yard, so to speak. It’s interesting to note that the “religious right” started infiltrating the Republican party in the early 70’s when the civil rights and feminist movements had and continued to make great strides in equality.

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