My two bits in the “comment” section (I can’t help myself):

The article states one 8 or 9 oz. steak has the equivalent grams of protein as several cups of dry beans. Dry beans? Several cups? Googling showed an 8 oz. steak had anywhere from 35-53 grams–that’s a pretty big discrepancy. One cup of soybeans had almost 29 grams (boiled) and 68 grams if dry roasted, with lentils and chickpeas and other familiar ones at about 15-20 grams per cup.

I only read a few comments and knew there’d be the usual “my grandpa ate a whole hog fried in lard for breakfast every morning and he lived to 101” post, and the responses that most people can’t eat that way and expect to live as long. I don’t care that genes play a role or to hear (for the millionth time) all the other excuses people come up with to eat the breast milk of another species or meat from diseased food animals. An animal protein-based diet hurts you, all other humans, the planet with its toxic bodies of water, raped soil, air pollution, food-borne illnesses, and least we forget, the animals, the billions of animals who are genetically mutated to grow to slaughter weight too fast (that’s unhealthy, folks), eating an unnatural diet, too, which gives them–get this–the same diseases eating an unnatural diet gives humans.

How about that? Oh, I’m a gluten-free vegan, btw, following a healthy GF vegan diet (lifestyle, actually). Until I became a vegetarian, then vegan, my family couldn’t care less about what I ate. They knew I smoked for 20+ years and never asked me to quit, either. The Paleo diet is BS and just another name for Atkins. Let me count the ways it is BS…in every way. There. 100%.

I say this not to impress upon you any superiority over anyone else. Far from it. I embrace this lifestyle knowing it positively affects all of us, not just me. Oh, and as a side note, the author failed to mention that vegetables are good sources of protein, too. Research it for yourself. Believe me, most doctors don’t know squat about nutrition.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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