Day 22: I’m listening to “Ripple” as I write about what made me happy today; funny, ’cause I posted previously about loving this song because it reminds me of a certain summer outside house party and hot guy. So now I have that picture in my head which means more happiness.

Today’s happy thing may prove anti-climactic to you (as opposed to, you know, an, ahem, first “job” well done), but not this girl. OK, perhaps a teeny tiny bit, but not by much. Not the prettiest photo of my lake, I grant you, and yet it reaching about 70 degrees and leaving my apartment without hat, mittens, and my brother’s royal blue Columbia ski jacket from middle school (man, that company makes quality stuff; he’s 30 now), I felt almost naked. I took this photo of my usual starting point after I parked. Dreary, right?

Wrong. I felt like skipping-to-my-loo around the 2.5 miles of still half-frozen lake. My first lake walk of the year, smiling and greeting everyone I passed, including the dogs, geese (I swear they remembered my voice and kissy sound) , goslings, and duckies.

And then there was what’s become my “First Lake Walk of 2014” playlist: “The Man Who Sold the World,” “Our House,” “Walk,” “Baker Street,” “Chasing Cars,” “Trouble,” “Make It With You,” “The Bends,” ‘I Do (Live),” “The Distance,” “Crimson and Clover,” “What is Life,” “Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” and “Put Your Records On.”

I sang along with the last song when I got back in the car. And danced in my seat, the way you do. Oh, then I took this photo as evidence of my exertion:


Look at that rosy glow. My kind of makeup.

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