Five Ways Yoga Helps You Sleep Better

I perform a relaxation or insomnia yoga practice each evening before bedtime. They allowed me to sleep even when prednisone caused sleeplessness these last two months. That’s impressive.

Metta Yoga

Sleeping is a building block for a better life. It plays a role in enhancing memory, stimulating creativity, reducing stress, managing weight and healing the body from pain and injury. Getting enough sleep every night has even been linked to creating a longer lifespan.  And it keeps us in a positive, strong frame of mind.  

Most people do not get enough sleep, especially when it counts. Burning the candle at both ends is a valued trait. We work, study and play around the clock. This 24-hour cycle can damage the human body.  And that is just when one needs to be rested and strong.

Insufficient sleep can weaken the immune system and leave a person vulnerable to catching diseases and developing other serious health problems. It can also enhance stress and depression. People who sleep less than needed are more prone to making errors in judgment and experiencing serious…

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