5 Reasons She Won’t Go Down On You

Funny and true. Best head I gave was to the marathon runner dude who trimmed as much as I did. Only guy I was ever with who did that. Forever thankful, marathon runner dude. And yes, return the favor, or start us off. It takes longer (yes, more than 5 minutes in porn) but big return on your investment…

A Day in the Life of Shareen A.


If you have a penis – then you want a blow job.

It’s as simple as that.

And yet how can a desire so basic be so hard to come by?

You’ve had those conversations with friends where there’s always that one girl who proclaims, “I don’t give head.”

And the others follow suit.

Many men sit perplexed with their partners wondering how they couldn’t possibly want to please them.

I mean how many times are you going to gyrate your hips suggestively in their face?

“Why won’t they get the hint?” You think to yourself.

We get the hint.

And here are 5 reasons we rather not.

1.) You Smell Funny.

Maybe proximity to your junk makes you immune to the foul stench that emanates from that region. Sure – you bathe daily. We believe you. Really, we do. The male anatomy is a logistical mess – there’s way…

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