Melancholy lingers. Emotional drought. Maybe that’s good. Overwhelming emotions drain; a neutral gray mind might restore strength, hope. I wonder if all the love inside me is rotting from lack of use…finding it a burden, not a gift.

It’s snowing again.

2 thoughts on “DOES LOVE HAVE A “SELL BY” DATE?

  1. Listen to Stevie Winwood’s Higher Love. It’ll turn your grey skies a series of pretty colors filled with happy clouds and rainbows. Maybe even a full on double rainbow. :-p Love the title of this post, btw.

    1. Thanks, D. It, the title, just popped into my head while rebounding, I think…lol. Oh yes, I’m eating healthfully, meditating, doing yoga, journaling, etc., as the lavenders fade away. I’ve had a sinus headache yesterday and today, too, and snow again isn’t helping. I’d rather this emotionlessness (not empathy, just lack of action) then the chaos of anxiety, anger, guilt, etc. You know what I mean. Getting ready to face the snow. I shall flip off the snow 😉 xoxo

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