Day 37: I love owls; funnily enough, perusing a little book of “love” at my local Barnes & Noble I discovered that in love (according to some gift book publisher), I’m the human equivalent of an owl. I have no idea what this means. Oh, and my ideal human equivalent mates are hawks and salmon. As I doubt a male human equivalent of any animal will open this cutesy book to find out which one, I won’t hold my breath for a wordpress.com love connection.

So owls make me happy, especially barn owls. They remind me of my Uncle Tom’s hay barn’s barn owls (among other critters). Creativity gets me jazzed, too, and the person who made this vegan barn owl is the da Vinci of fruit and veggie sculpture. (Wow, da Vinci was 6′ 4″–that’s tall for the 1400’s. That’s tall today. Vegetarian, too…just saying.) Anyhoo, I keep staring at its face ’cause my brain refuses to process that it’s a cantaloupe. Here, a real barn owl:


I know, right? The sculptor knows his way around a cantaloupe. Spooky.

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