Day 43: I gave my two month notice to vacate my apartment today. Excuse me for a second (freaking out). OK, I’m back. Holy shit. I did it. I’m moving to DC. In May. I’ll be a Washingtonian in two months. I can subscribe to Washingtonian magazine for a reason–I’ll be a Washingtonian. I won’t because I can get it free from a DC library with my new DC library card. I could, though, that’s all I’m saying.

As a bonus, I’ll be taxed without representation. No, this is good. I’ll throw on my “Rally Girl” garb to chant and yell with other like-minded citizens in front of the White House or Capitol. Need to work on my banner-writing. Read The Autobiography of Malcolm X (seriously, I’ve wanted to read it and Helter Skelter–just came to me and didn’t want to forget it–for a long time) and books on effective peaceful protest.

One sadness in the midst of happy change–selling my Subie Girl. Guys don’t own the rights to loving their cars, you know. She’s been very good to me–she lasted 14 years on her original tires–and allowed my opinions via crowded stickers on her rear bumper. She brought me back East where I belong, though I paid a steep price. Worth every tear.

I’ll shed a few more when we part for the last time. She’ll understand. I need to move on.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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