Day 45: I know it’s bass ackwards but I have to rework Day 44 and this one’s easy peasy. My oldest friend in the world (she’s not 110; I’ve known her the longest), L, and I share marriage (she picked well), a love of books and all things artistic (she recommended I read The Awakening), and a teenager’s sense of humor, meaning we laugh inappropriately and simultaneously at PC and non-PC things.

Examples include:

–an employee at TCBY whose ears stuck out almost perpendicularly from her head;
–a female little person walking into the Baja Beach Club in Baltimore decked out as a cowgirl;
–L’s sixth grade teacher (and my sixth grade math teacher), Ms. Hammond who, because of childhood polio, I think, had to swing her right arm to write on the chalkboard, and lick her hand to “grab” paperwork to slam down on our desks.

I am not proud of this behavior or excusing it, except to say we were young and stupid, but young and stupid together, which made it more funny (to us). These moments occurred often when we sat or stood next to each other, and I felt our eyes and brains soaking in the same image; consequently we’d look at each other and burst into tearful laughter.

In my threadbare defense, I should share that Leslie’s laugh is a thing of beauty. I dare anyone to sit with her in public and not be seduced into guffawing in response to her infectious laughter. It’s right up there with Hawkeye’s on M*A*S*H, except it doesn’t make me want to make out with her.

I do have a girl kissing story, but another time…

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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