A while back I confessed my fantasy of not wearing panties on a dinner date and mentioning it while perusing our menus. Well, screw the dinner date part–like I have a choice–because I cannot take another day of wedgies from too-big panties.

You could, like, buy new ones, you’re thinking. Ah, but I refuse to buy non-organic cotton anymore. Have you checked the price tags on organic cotton undies? We’re talking $17 to $20 a pair. I can afford one pair per month, so it’ll take seven months to have a week’s worth. Until then, I’m going commando. As of an hour ago. That’s right, I’m typing sans panties and like Kramer, “I’m loving every minute of it.”

Perfect time, actually, with summer on its way. Where I live, the less clothing the better–shorts, sundresses, sandals, and soft, sultry breezes (this fledgling optimist’s alliterative code for stagnant, swampy slab of heat). Woo hoo! I can’t wait.

2 thoughts on “LIVING THE FANTASY

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