Day 50: I’m half way there. I’ll be a Washingtonian by the 100th day. Guess I gave away what will be the cause of happiness that day. I wanted this shirt during our first annual mother/daughter beach vacation but the store was closed when I’d talked myself into buying it. And a good thing, because they only had men’s sizes, but carried feminine cut (tight) women’s sizes next summer.

I don’t know how long this logo’s been around but I’ve had Delawareans (?) give me thumbs ups and “Hey, my daughter took her shirt to college!” They’re proud of their diminutive state. My favorite DJ on 89.7FM, born and raised in our first state–not so much. Something about its music scene’s lack of, well, scene.

Yesterday rain and yes, some flurries, fell from the sky. Today the sun shone and I celebrated by donning my tee, channeling the beach as I listened to tunage and walked the lake. Because of my move, we postponed our beach week this summer (our go-to landmark motel’s been sold and will be demolished, sadly). Thank goodness I’ve priceless memories of quality time with Mom.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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