Day 61: Actually, today was rather lovely. I just love that part of the book: the DEPRESSION chapters. No, it’s not all laughs, but it’s mostly laughs and everyone should read it for her SPOT ON descriptions of Major Depressive Disorder (we’re twinsies!). In case you don’t, I’ll post my favorite depression quotes in the near future. I’m tired, as is she, of people minimizing, stigmatizing, and saying the worst possible things one could say to a depressed person. In this dazzling age of technology, there’s no excuse for it. And, come on, everyone knows someone suffering from mental illness. As Gandalf gently reminds Bilbo when he resists leaving the ring behind in The Fellowship of the Rings, “I’m trying to help you.” Yes, I am a geek.

For now, on to my rather lovely day. I enjoyed a tasty first cup of coffee in my “Sunday” mug with cats on it my friend, Maryam, gave me. I call this the “coffee and causes” segment of my day. After posting my doubting Thomas “Happy Easter” wishes, I saw that my favorite vegan joint was open for brunch business as usual. My growling stomach and favorable weather joined forces and off I drove for good grub:


(“Crab” cakes with tempeh “bacon” grits and wilted greens)


(Lemon Raspberry Cake; yes, all vegan and all mine)

I opted for a glass of live green juice instead of a cocktail today. One day I will own a juicer. I miss those daily ginger shots.

OK, so after I ordered the hostess sat a couple next to me. As the woman took her seat, I complimented her on her outfit, we exchanged smiles, and I got out my book to read. I read, but I also heard much of their conversation. It turned out to be a pleasure. Having just finished a book on communication, I knew this couple were masters. It flowed naturally as they talked about what to eat, how good everything tasted, family, maybe taking dance classes and wouldn’t that be fun, this is my favorite restaurant, a tofu salad dressing on Martha Stewart’s website that looked good, etc.

I was in the presence of a healthy, happy, loving couple…a rare breed, indeed. Being me, I had to tell them. They gave me hope (I told them that, too). This made them blush and gush thanks and “well, we both had our clunkers, but we’ve been blessed with each other.” They left and I remained, goofy grins plastered on our faces.

Five minutes later, the woman returned. She introduced herself, as did I, and handed me her business card. We have a wonderful friend, she said, my husband’s best friend since college. Maybe we could all meet for coffee. Didn’t see that coming, but who knows?

Maybe we will.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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