“It’s indescribably beautiful!” (I’m referring to the above photo; it’s the “Old Man’s” line about his prize leg lamp in A Christmas Story. We’re both right.)

Day 67: Today, I signed up to man one of the tables for a few hours and ordered my tee-shirt to wear at the Baltimore VegFest. I’d volunteer all four hours but the volunteer coordinator wants us to have time to enjoy the festival (FOOD), too. And as I type this, Thunder Island plays here in the bookstore as the wind and rain kicks up outside.

I know it seems my love of music ends with the 90’s, but I’ll have you know I thoroughly enjoyed 89.7’s “Saturday Alternative” program in the car today. No, I wouldn’t know Katy Perry from Miley Cyrus from Rihanna. When I hit my preset button for the local pop station (for when it plays holiday music 24/7), I regret it 99% of the time. I can’t believe Delilah is still around.

Rock out to some Jay Ferguson (Joe Walsh played on the album, including this song, I think).


Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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