She’s representative of the 99% who eat animal products in the US. The disconnect between her and the animals who are slaughtered for her food is so complete, she doesn’t think past packaged meat/dairy/eggs in the grocery store. When it’s lobster or crab that you bring home alive and kill yourself, that makes her uncomfortable, as it should. Her statement shows how far Big Ag has gone to convince people that cows, pigs, chickens, and lambs are content to die for our eating pleasure.

Now with their aggressive push to pass Ag Gag laws through state legislatures, they hope consumers will forget living, sentient beings are involved at all in what they slap on the grill, roast in the oven, or pour in their coffee. Plus, all their lives they’ve been force-fed lies: the food pyramid (my dad hung a food pyramid poster on our fridge) was created by the meat and dairy councils, not the USDA or FDA; animal protein–“lean protein”–is best; dairy products provide the best source of calcium. Countless studies prove the latter two claims are false. People cling to illusions to keep the status quo.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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