…I enjoyed the VegFest. Too many volunteers showed up–how cool is that? We all stuck around and manned the MFA table for our shifts. I have to laugh when I hear someone speak of a “vegan agenda” or “vegan propaganda.” We make up less than one percent of the US population. I wish a vegan lifestyle was that mainstream!

So you can imagine how nice it was to hang out and meet hundreds of other vegans, support each other and newbies, love up the rescue doggies and kitties, and nosh on–get this–jackfruit barbecue with coleslaw and avocado quinoa salad, downing it with an apple celery juice. Out of this world delicious.

Chelsea, pictured above with me, asked if I wanted to check out the other tables and grab some food after our shift. Sure. Twenty-something fine hanging out with someone twice her age? She introduced me to Woodlands fried “chicken” sandwich (I handed her cash for one), while I waited in line at the Randy Radish food truck for the barbecue pal, Matt, praised. We plopped down on a grassy knoll to eat and chat, sunny and breezy people passing by with two or four-legged kids.


So many friendly and curious people stopped by our tent–above is my “crew”–but the most satisfying for me was seeing kids ask for literature and a pin or bumper sticker. Kids sense and know things parents (adults) forget or choose to forget. I spoke to a mom whose ten-year-old son researched a vegan lifestyle and decided it was for him (he was picking out a selection of animal rights/vegan newsletters next to her). She’d been vegan in the past so she and her never-vegan husband supported him 100% and became vegan, too. Warmed my heart.

Have to dash off to a fabulous vegan dinner now. Days don’t get much better than this for me.




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