Day 83: The above photograph epitomizes the best way to begin a Sunday (any) morning–now add brunch at my favorite vegan joint. Friend, Jordan, told me I should come (early, like 9AM) for the Mother’s Day food specials. I find “early, like 9AM” a difficult time to do anything, but after three hours sleep, sunshine, a cup of  coffee (and performing “coffee yoga” waiting for coffee; another post), and five sun salutations provided the temporary jolt needed to get there by, get this, 9:05AM. I’m more punctual for food than my therapist (sorry, Peggy!). Several tables were taken; fortunately, my usual “table for two” waited for me.

They upgraded their coffee–fancy new machine, super smooth finish, less acidic–to where I noticed a difference. I’m a coffee connoisseur! Not so with tofu, but when told there’d be an omelette with caramelized onions, Fakin’ Bacon, and “cheese,” I had to order it:


As much as I love greens, I switched the side salad out for vegan sausage ’cause it’s hard to chew raw veggies (hence green smoothies). I never buy fake meat anymore so it was another treat. Of course, I brought reading material and my laptop as they’ve gone wifi (nobody sent me a memo!); alas, tables for two are tiny, so tucked into one of a back log of magazines. They played 60’s Motown hits which brought to mind my previous happy day’s cause, “Hang On, Sloopy.” Obviously I was meant to be there.

Cozy as a bug in a rug, I enjoyed two (!!) coffee refills and my favorite spring dessert at the mo’, Lemon Raspberry Cake:


This was pre-plopped over on its side, as I’ve mastered how to eat a layer cake so I get the perfect cake/frosting ratio in each bite. I’m aware I’ve eaten alone too long. The coup de grace is that super thick blob of frosting holding the raspberries. No preaching but since becoming a vegan I appreciate and savor food more than ever. Remember the sensual, almost spiritual moment I shared with an organic cucumber? Like that.

Did I mention it was a sunny, blue sky, 75 degrees yesterday? So it made sense to stop by the lake for a walk. Cookouts and people everywhere. I got out my charged iPod mini to find it’d been turned on while crammed in my tiny purse (why do I keep trying with the tiny purses?) and was dead. Disappointment was short-lived. The naked forest was now decked out in her frilly green frock and perfume. Yes, the honeysuckle bloomed. She accessorized with weeds or wildflowers of white, purple, yellow–buttercup baubles–along with geese, cardinals, fish safely swimming at empty fishing spots, turtles, and dogs.

A slow jam all her own, and hard to beat.

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