Day 85: My first interview, and by none other than the award-winning (treats) investigative reporter who always gets the scoop–Zappa.

Zappa: Hi Mommy.

Me: Evening, Zap. Thanks for the interview.

Zappa: You weren’t supposed to see me, Mommy. The Target bag was a disguise.

Me: Oops! Sorry, Zap.

Zappa: It’s OK. No movement for hours. Plus, well, I fell asleep. Who knew library book bags were so comfortable?

Me: It happens to the best of us.

Zappa: I know. I forgot–what was I supposed to ask you?

Me: What made me happy today.

Zappa: Oh, right. OK.

Me: Go ahead.

Zappa: What made you happy today, Mommy?

Me: Well, I woke up to find you and Breenie sleeping on the bed with me.

Zappa: Love sleeping at the foot of the bed. Excellent texture for sharpening nails.

Me: That’s a new habit. I don’t remember you sharpening your nails on it before.

Zappa: I’m always thinking of new ways to sharpen my nails, Mommy. That’s the newest way. Excellent texture.

Me: You mentioned that.

Zappa: So, what else made you happy, Mommy?

Me: That it was overcast and cooler. Leaving the window open last night cooled off the apartment.

Zappa: Good one, Mommy. Yes, it was cooler. That’s why I slept on the bed. Cool, excellent textured mattress.

Me: Ah.

Zappa: Anything else, Mommy?

Me: Well, I meditated, rebounded, and practiced yoga this morning, and made my favorite smoothie.

Zappa: That pineapple avocado thing?

Me: Pina-vocado, yes.

Zappa: That’s kind of a silly name, Mommy. Hey, wasn’t it a Miss Peggy day?

Me: It was. Good memory, Zap.

Zappa: I like Miss Peggy ’cause she makes you feel better, like we do.

Me: That’s right. You guys and Miss Peggy save me.

Zappa: Really, Mommy? Sissy and Brother and I save you? How?

Me: By being here with me. Taking care of me when I don’t feel well.

Zappa: That’s what kitties do, Mommy. I didn’t realize we were lifesavers!

Me: Yep.

Zappa: Love you, Mommy.

Me: Ditto.

Zappa: What’d Miss Peggy say today?

Me: She thought of me over the weekend when she was visiting DC. “Lisa’s going to be part of this soon,” she thought. Then she told me I’d never looked better and like me, she believed I was ready to open my heart to someone special.

Zappa: Wow. Miss Peggy sounds like a high quality human.

Me: Oh, she is. She’s as happy for us as I am.

Zappa: She is an excellent human, Mommy. Maybe we should get her something, you know, before we move.

Me: Way ahead of you, Zap.

Zappa: Oh, good. Mommy, are we finished? I need to pee and take a long nap.

Me: We’re finished. Good job, Zap. Professional. Catch you later when I go to bed?

Zappa: Most likely. Excellent texture, that bed.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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