Day 86: OK, I don’t look like Christy Turlington; nor do I look like her holding this pose. Here’s the neat thing, though–I feel as beautiful as she looks. And I chose this photo ’cause she’s a flexible, gorgeous chick in a wet teeshirt and I aim to please.

Whether it’s yoga, meditation, bouncing on my mini-trampoline, that squat challenge (just finished Day 19–160 squats, baby!), or walking around my lake, if I don’t feel it at first, I feel it by the end: stronger, sexy, confident, and energized. Up for anything.

As I accomplished the first four activities today, I’ve got a serotonin/dopamine buzz going. This girl’s feeling fine. And that’s with a bout of the blues threatening earlier. I’ve read about “radical self-love.” It proved a radical concept to me, that’s for sure. Now it’s starting to feel natural and right. And nothing makes me happier than doing the right thing.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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