Judging by my rheumie doctor’s reactions to my statements about yoga and other forms of exercise, diet, and stress management, he would be against or know nothing about any article in this issue of Arthritis Today magazine.


“Studies have reported a general link between inflammation and depression. Johns Hopkins University researchers reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine in 2004 that major depression in men was strongly associated with increased levels of a marker of inflammation called C-reactive protein (CRP). Researchers say C-reactive protein (CRP) is helpful to study because it’s an objective marker of inflammation that is easily measured in clinical practice.”**

**C-reactive protein (CRP) levels are constantly monitored by rheumatologists through blood work to measure the amount of inflammation present in RA patients.

My comment at the end of the article:

It wouldn’t surprise me in the least. I live with RA, major depressive disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder. Inflammation in the body adversely affects us by way of just about every disease out there: cancer, heart disease, auto-immune disorders, diabetes…what I find aggravating is that my RA doctor, actually not one doctor, has asked about diet or exercise or stress management.

My rheumie doctor emphatically stated he wouldn’t advise a healthy vegan diet to any patient, was hesitant to say the least to agree that yoga can benefit RA sufferers. It certainly benefits me; plus, he had a free RA magazine in his waiting room, the cover story about an RA sufferer who trained to become a yoga teacher for people with RA! I know my vegan lifestyle benefits my body and mind, along with yoga and meditation (helps immensely in managing stress).

I’m sure he was taught little to nothing about nutrition in medical school and most doctors, still, in the 21st century, would rather prescribe toxic, dangerous drugs without offering any (more importantly, not knowing any) alternative treatments, nor change in lifestyle (diet, exercise, stress management). Frankly, I find it appalling.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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