Day 88: Janna spent over two hours of her day off to coffee chat with me yesterday. I tend to (always) chat more but she doesn’t mind. Truly. She’s the yin (introvert) to my yang (slightly extroverted self). She may be more excited about my DC move than Peggy. She knows I’m withering away in suburbia and I know, like G, she’ll visit. Oh, the places we’ll go!

I brought my laptop-journal-book bag as always, so stuck around after she left. I’d scored both comfy chairs for us. A little later, a man asked if he could sit next to me. Of course. Be my guest, I said, or something to that effect. He said, “You’re the first nice woman I’ve met today!” We laughed. I said he must’ve had a rough day but he could relax ’cause it was the weekend now.

Then he offered to buy me another drink. To celebrate the end of the week. I declined politely as I’d just downed a venti iced chai tea, but thanked him for the offer. Man, I could go for another one right now…Anyway, Janna made me happy, I made this guy feel better, which he’ll pass on to someone (and passed back to me).

Oh, and my $350 deposit on the bigger apartment I was going to move to here before I found the perfect place in DC? In my mailbox. Pleased, yes (that’s a lot of money to me), but no warm fuzzies like those at the coffee shop.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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