I sent this article link and my comments about the lack of concern on the part of my county hospital (affiliated with Johns Hopkins, they proudly tout) to serve fresh, organically-grown, nutrient-dense foods. I didn’t receive a response to my first letter about this. I let them know I’d also be writing a letter to the editors of the county and local national papers about this important issue and the lack of interest from this county’s healthcare and school sytems.

“Inspiration to hospitals starting their own organic greenhouses to serve patients, fresh and nutritious fresh food. This is pretty great!” #growfood #behealthy #eatorganic #stayhealthy #organic #realfood
“Simple, right? You’ll never believe how cheap it was, either. Find out the answer in this article from the page AltHealthWORKS:”

Interview: Million Dollar Organic Greenhouse Farmer Hopes Other Hospitals Follow Suit

4 thoughts on “FIRST OF ITS KIND

    1. Thank you for the kind words and article. The more knowledge I have on my side can only better my chances at positive change. It’s a steep hill to climb but I’m happy to do it–be a thorn in their sides šŸ˜‰ I finally realized it’s my purpose and passion.

      1. But of course, I’m finding my voice and trying to do it quickly, there’s a lot that needs to be done with food and nutrition world wide, hopefully I’ll be able to contribute to the solution in some small way in my lifetime. Cheers.

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