Day 90: Ten days remain. Today’s is short and sweet. A few photos I took made me chuckle from the message or at the odd way I see things:


The buttons remind me of the “Mkay…” teacher from South Park;


I call this “Tree Mime,” ’cause it looks like a street mime leaning his arm on an invisible wall; and lastly:


I’d buy one for myself if I weren’t selling my car. Oh, one more thing:

A young man sat next to me at Starbucks today. From his constant movement as he drank his coffee, I got the impression he lived with OCD or anxiety or ADD, something like that. I spent a few minutes sending him peaceful, calming, “you are loved” thoughts. He did get up for a paper and read from it while he finished his drink. I remember when I couldn’t leave my house for fear of a panic attack. I knew how fortunate I was now, so “sent” my hopes for him.

A growing awareness that I’m seeing people and the world around me in a different way  made me happy.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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