Day 91: I made it to my favorite vegan joint to help inaugurate their new coffee shop. I snapped a photo of the enormous, delicious cinnamon bun and coffee I ordered, then left my camera in the car. I could’ve run out and grabbed it but I’d already shed the bra and donned my jammies. I knew I could count on MFVJ to shoot some pictures from which to choose. Voila:


I sat at the bar to eat, drink, and chat, and recognized a fellow Animal Advocate volunteer (and vegan), C; I chatted with her, too. And the two guys who sat to my left, and a few women running in for take-out coffee. I also recommended the live green juice, the Green Machine smoothie, and put in a repeat suggestion for ginger shots in the future. Thank goodness I’m moving or I’d go broke spending my mornings and money there. Other vegan coffee drinkers will understand: an ALL VEGAN coffee shop. No asking to read ingredient lists or packing snacks to eat at say, Starbucks, because I refuse to pay a dollar for a banana, their only vegan food option.

It was a special moment. MFVJ is growing up and out. Like me. Out of suburbia.

I stopped at my lake for a walk on my way home. Perfect weather. The forests redolent of honeysuckle in bloom and fresh-cut grass. I tried to sing along to music and inhale the commingled aromas at the same time. I longed to roll around in the bushes and jump naked into the lake. I can’t believe nature gets me so hot. If I ever love someone again, he’d better enjoy a campfire and marathon sex in and around a tent once in a while.

Today left me so lit up I wrote a poem. Well, I received a nice compliment and recalled it while relishing the scents along the lake path. Let me be clear: I am not a poet, so there’s every chance this poem sucks. I was hopped up on feel-good hormones at the time. I’ll insert a sexy photo to lessen any agony. Showing vulnerability here, people.


If I caught a wave

a current rare

and it carried me

like verdant air

across the sea

both rough and fair

would I be no more

than tears from waves

that break on shore

Or would I find

you waiting there

to breathe me in

deep and sharp

and coalesce

both mind and heart






Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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