Day 94: Mom’s here! OK, so I stayed up too late last night and slept through my alarm, yelling, “Fuck!” and doing my version of jumping out of bed when I read 8:01AM on my phone–the very time I said I’d be at the airport. Almost left without my teeth but decided, like clean undies (except I’m commando), I should wear them in case of an accident. Yes, I mentally debated this issue while throwing on jeans and a teeshirt.

Fortunately, the weather is “Pixar” perfection. I texted Mom a quick, apology-laden message that I was running late but on my way, spied a goldfinch along the exit ramp to 29N (good sign), wished peace to my Subie and everyone on the road, continued to apologize and thank Mom for flying down to support me out loud, and hugged her gracious, “no worries” self within a minute of stopping at the Southwest arrival area.

And we’re home. The motivation’s kicked in: I’ve bunged in two loads of laundry and put fresh linens on the bed so she could take a nap (up at 4:30 this morning). I’ve never felt scared here alone, but knowing she’s resting in the next room assures me everything’s going to OK.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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