I know once I get one more cup of coffee and some breakfast in me, I’ll attack the remaining closets one by one, then each room, building “STAY” and “GO” piles, and it’ll all be tickety boo; at the moment, however, I feel like this:


because packing sucks.

Nourishment in the form of food and upbeat music will goad me into enjoying (OK, enduring) set periods of productivity and pauses to replenish and relish my progress. Hey, I’m almost kind of excited about packing now. Almost.

8 thoughts on “IS IT SUNDAY YET?

    1. Trade places with you and run the marathon while you pack and move my things πŸ˜‰ Probably won’t beat your last PR but we’ll each see a new country. lol. Think of the myriad photo opportunities of isolation in DC πŸ˜‰

        1. Almost marathon time…I think you’re right about moving being more taxing. I could barely form complete sentences after 12 hours of packing, moving, unloading, starting to unpack, making bed, comforting cats…lol. Being here now gives me that “runner’s high,” though! Have a great run and enjoy yours.

          1. hi – i had a very good race 8-weeks post appendix removal 3:25:24 with a very strong, fast finish. very happy. next stop st petersburg (russia) marathon 29/6. hope your move is going well

          2. Runners are amazing. Appendix removal?? Although I was walking without a cane six weeks after knee replacement surgery, so walkers aren’t too shabby, either. LOL. Do you get a second wind, adrenaline rush to finish fast? I’m happy for you. Hope you raised a good amount for the cancer center. You’re a good man. Russia next, huh? You’re living my bucket list! Not for much longer…I’m getting there. I wrote a blog post about unpacking just a minute ago. Gotta run to rental car center (long story) and drive back to suburbia to (fingers crossed) sell my blasted car.

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