My journal entry written in bed before passing out last night:

Almost midnight. Unbelievably long but good day (Evening Primrose Oil and good company). What a friend, Mike…treated him to Great Sage for sacrificing his Saturday to help me and boy, did he help. Such friends…

Helped a nice woman on the train who thought she’d slept through her stop; she hadn’t. Nice Metro official guy was a big help and friendly. Road the Metro alone at night for the first time ever. Wanna blog so badly but no wifi here yet. Don’t think my eyes could take the strain. Beyond tired. Even a headache fails to bother me.

Karen (Mike’s wife) said I was very brave, courageous to move to DC on my own (with lots of help). I’m quietly proud of myself. No fear buying fare card–need plastic one, though–gonna use it a lot, I think…

Passed people eating al fresco on my walk home from the Metro. Life. So much life. City life. City girl. Urbanite. Washingtonian.


Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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