First–I need this shirt. Second–I love living in DC, not a doubt in my mind this is the right place for me, and I will wring the culture out of our nation’s capital like a wet sponge. Having said that…

People pass by unable to meet my eye or smile with one of their own. I’d say 99% of the time. You think I’m deterred by this tired urbanite personality trait? You heard me. Tired. Old. Rude. Pretentious. My “fill in the blank” is of such importance that my eye and face muscles lack the strength to move. It’s look forward, look down, and ——- lips. Oh, I almost forgot the fourth: staring at me with ——- lips.

Forget the few homeless men and woman (with pet dog) I’ve greeted in my neighborhood. INVISIBLE as Wonder Woman’s plane. More so, ’cause with animation they had to show the outline of her invisible plane so you’d know she was piloting and landing it.

I see I shall have to take appropriate action as I took when I started working at the library, the best job in the world. Did I ever tell you why? Besides the fact that libraries are cool, free, and open to everyone (I’m such a Socialist)? I realized quickly that the “Info” staff and the “Circulation” staff were two separate entities and communication between the two was nil. Zero. I’d walk into the staff lounge to eat, everyone sitting were “Info,” and not one acknowledged me with a look, smile, or “Hey!”

Well, I couldn’t work this way. So one by one, I befriended each “Info” person, finding one thing we had in common (Alan was the hardest and last to bend to my will, until I was told he loved Freaks and Geeks; I LOVE Freaks and Geeks; he was mine), then conversing with “Info” people and subtly including “Circulation” people into the mix. One day, several months into my employment, “bing bam boom”–we were the personification of “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding?” It was a wonder to behold.

So where’s my invisible plane?

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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