The title was a bumper sticker on my Subie. Everyone but my humor-challenged managers found it funny, too. Yes, I walked to my new local library on another postcard-perfect day today. I wish it looked like the above photo, though I find the “old school” 60’s-era one story branch endearing, much like the 60’s-era branch in which I worked for three years. Perhaps I’ll work here one day.

In between researching and enrolling in a DC health insurance plan (began at 11:35am, enrolled by 2: 25pm and a girly martini would go down a treat now), I got an on-line library card and will get a physical card before heading for the bar (a bar; I’m not sure where to go, yet). I downloaded the form to apply for a replacement Social Security card. I’ll print it from one of the library’s computers when my “real” card’s in my cold hands.

I’ll check out their DVD selection for something to watch this weekend. Not having wifi in my new apartment’s grown old. My tush has grown numb from the wood chair at one of several community tables (love it), however, so filling out Comcast’s form will have to wait a little longer. The sun and grumbling tummy are calling me to move on for now.

I’m reading two books already, anyway. As an aside, if you haven’t acquainted yourself with Alan Bennett’s books, you’re missing out. He’s wonderful. I’ve read Smut and The Uncommon Reader:


and am enjoying the first of two new (to me) short stories of his. He’s a British treasure. As another aside, my new library offers free yoga classes Monday nights at 7. I’m so there. My last aside is finding another eclectic gift and card shop walking here. Walk, walk, walk. I love walking to all the places I had to drive to just a week ago…

Oh, but the Metro awaits tonight as I’ve the Help the Homeless group to meet a few stops away. Then G visits tomorrow where we’ll hit the farmers’ markets and wherever else he wants to go. OK, my skin’s turning snow white and goosebumps are rising (raising?) and so I’m off.

Apologies for my lack of presence as I settle into city life. You’ll appreciate the relatively quiet Vegan when I’m wired for wifi again.


Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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