“[COPYRIGHT STATEMENT] This video is property of Apatow Productions, and Universal Pictures. This video is not being used to make money in any way and is for entertainment and leisure purposes only. This is an act of fair usage as described by the US Copyright Office, therefore, a dispute should not occur over this video.” JoJo Stout

^^^Might seem silly to add, but I don’t need to be sued by Judd Apatow. I doubt professing my love of Freaks and Geeks and 40-Year-Old Virgin would help. Anyhoo…

I woke up this morning and as I pulled up the blinds, I started singing “Age of Aquarius.” Out of nowhere this song sprang forth after waking up but BEFORE coffee touched my lips. It occurred to me (and to Mom on the phone later) that I’m happier. Mom sensed it in my voice while we talked as I walked home from the farmers’ market. Just me. G got a cold from his trip so we rescheduled for next Sunday.

A quick offshoot here: what’s with everyone getting sick after flying? Granted, my flight to Texas was the first in several years, but I have a suppressed immune system from RA meds and not a sniffle issued from my snout before, during, or after said trip. Perhaps the food I eat guarded me against illness…?

Where was I? Oh, yes, opening the blinds. What did I see but a favorite color palette:


See? Yellow, green, and blue. Made me burst into happy hippy song, apparently. I busied myself to be on time meeting G downstairs in the lobby. And I was (coffee, reading, journal writing, smoothie, litter boxes cleaned, showered, further furniture movement into correct spot), only to find out via text (no wifi in new place yet) an hour after his supposed arrival that our visit was not to be. Fortunately the nice concierge bore witness to my on time-ness.

I offered him a speedy and full recovery and agreed to next Sunday. Made myself a second cup of coffee and read to the last drop, ate the snack packed in my big new handbag, performed some yoga, then headed out to the farmers’ market sans G. I haven’t tired of slobbering over the architecture in my neighborhood but if I snapped a photo at every pretty detail, I’d never get anywhere. Wrong time of day, anyway. Dawn and dusk are preferable lighting-wise, right?

My $8 bounty of produce deserved camera time, though:


That’s Swiss Chard, fresh basil, sorrel (sorrel!), and baby cucumbers. I mentioned their perfect size for my smoothies and a fellow customer thanked me for the, for her, surprising new use for cukes. As of today, I can recommend pairing them with watermelon and fresh basil. Sorrel! Wow. Another first.

I left the kitties once more to score some garden cafe sunshine reading time and wifi time inside (with sweater I know to wear in the majorly A/C’d seating area) to put to blog a bit of all I scribbled in my journal. A local artist’s work covers the mustard wall across from me and one in particular caught my eye:


No title given, but I found the garden cafe’s light reminiscent of early morning. I named it The Dawning of the Age of the 43 Year Old Vegan.

Well, I liked it.


There. I don’t need to be sued by Alex van Oss, either.

2 thoughts on “THIS IS THE DAWNING

  1. you sound much happier & fulfilled – great stuff ! Apropos your question on flying: I fly Asia – Europe (13+hrs each way) at least 6 times a year, and take many regional flights around Asia, I usually get ill from the longhaul intercontinental flights, this is probably due to the plane aircon drying out throat & nose, then the recirculation of all the nasty stuff in the cabin – uggh !

    Lol – love the Age of Aquarius, I performed in Hair about 20 yrs ago !

    1. I do, too. And it was the perfect performance of that song from the film whose title I parodied for my blog. LOL. I haven’t spent more than 4-5 hours in a plane so that probably helps. G had flown to Austria and back; like you, he travels all over the world often and it must be stressful on the body.

      Ugh, airplane air. You’re so right. Also about me being happier. I talked to a guy about driving in DC–how I’m so much happier without a car, while he hates the Metro and being “tied down” to a train schedule…I let it go but how about being tied down to horrible traffic, the gas pump, car insurance and maintenance? I know you feel like I do about getting rid of my car.

      I go out every day and everything I needs within walking distance including the metro that can take me all over DC if some quiet weekday I want to check out an exhibit or new neighborhood…I hear two young guys next to me trash talking the metro now! lol. They’re practically embryos. Just wait another 10-15 years of stop and go traffic and $100 parking tickets and the Motor Vehicle Administration (the worst).

      Blessed with another lovely Sunday, my second as a Washingtonian. I highly recommend city living as I know you do. I’m trying to imagine you on stage in Hair 😉 I was on stage 20+ years ago myself. Loved every second of it. Performing Shakespeare is on my bucket list. Hey, I was able to cross off moving to the city!


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