Ah, life in the big city. Above is an urban still life I captured this morning. Notice my little bluebird of happiness in the right corner, left wing on his weary forehead? Even he’s had it.

Our building lost A/C during the night. I wondered why I sweated more than usual. Jesu Christi! Gonna be a scorcher today, too. 60+ year old building with lots of folks who probably lower their A/C to 60 ’cause utilities are included in the rent. I, snootily superior in lowering my carbon footprint, keep my A/C at 74. It’s from years of being broke and keeping it at 80 during the summers. Any lower and I freeze.

Have fan on HI and blowing on a bowl of ice packs, laid industrial strength knee ice pack from hospital on me till it melted. Now have neck wrap from freezer around my shoulders; of course I made morning coffee. It’s called “hair of the dog.”

The kitties are, appropriately enough, not moving.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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