The Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare

What a lovely place, and it’s in East Sussex, where I’ll be visiting in the coming months. Meeting Sweetpea and all the other rescued animals is going on my itinerary.

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At Raystede they rescue, rehome and provide sanctuary for more than 1500 animals each year.  It is free to visit almost every day of the year and very important to their work is their educational service, used by schools in East Sussex and beyond.  They also offer guidance to all ages on caring for animals.

They say: “Our Sanctuary, with its sizeable lakes, offers a safe haven for visiting waterfowl as well as for our chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese. We also offer a lifelong home for goats, horses, ponies and donkeys which are no longer wanted.”

 Raystede map

miranda and the goats

They like to come onto the patio to say hello to people like me

Helloo This little person is named Sweetpea, and she is sooo friendly and gorgeous! You can see in the background the fields in which the goats can go to play.

So what do you like about me Sweetpea again, what an adorable face!

What's that (2) This is Toffee!…

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