I’ll post excerpts that illustrate how little the US government, government health agencies, the food, pharmaceutical, and supplement industries care about its citizens’ health. Nutrition, in the form of a whole food, plant-based diet, has been shown (repeatedly) to be the best form of preventive healthcare; alas, healthy people lower healthcare costs which causes the above industries’ profits to plummet.

They can’t have that, so they mislead at best, and lie at worst. I’m sorry to have to break this to you, but YOU are going to have to take responsibility for bettering your health. Continued increased individual responsibility for self-care, namely eating a whole food, plant-based (WFPB) menu, equals voting that makes a difference with every bite you take.

No need to feel overwhelmed and hopeless about fixing a broken and profit-driven healthcare and food system. You’ve seen photographs of vegan food on my blog. Look through vegan cookbooks or other great and easy-to-prepare vegan food blogs on A healthy vegan lifestyle is not “strict” or difficult to maintain, as the above industries, researchers, doctors, dieticians, and mainstream media (all pressured by the “subtle power” of the corporations that provide their income and whose lobbyists write and payroll legislation in their favor) would have you believe. Case in point–excerpt from Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition, Chapter 17, Government Misinformation: How Industry Bought Government (p. 250):

“On the industry side, lobbyists do more than shake hands and buy drinks after golf. They also write and edit legislation and regulations for grateful, understaffed legislators and agency heads. Their job, for which industry richly rewards them, is to strike out any language that might jeopardize profits. And the politicians play ball to protect their own careers. This fact, while not publicized, is common knowledge in Congress and on K Street, where industry groups have their lobbying offices. I’ve met with many high-ranking government decision makers over the years. While they often acknowledge privately that my views on nutrition and health should be public policy, I have learned that the political system will punish any elected official who advocates serious diet and health reform. Corporate interests don’t just fund elections; they are willing and able to end political careers and derail progressive legislation as soon as they get a whiff of any move that might threaten their bottom line. And that means laws are enacted that further the interest of the wealthiest rather than the public good.”

I may find the addresses for the above industries’ lobbyists on K Street and mail them a copy of this post. Hand delivery might prove entertaining, too. Buy a bunch of copies of Whole in bulk and give them away at my library, 24 hour emergency care clinic, or sit with my homeless friend, John, and hand copies to passersby.

High time for a peaceful revolution.

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