“Then there is the epic story of protein, a nutrient that has long been the government’s darling. The RDI for protein has for decades been 10-11 percent of calories, which is already more than enough (and not coincidentally, the average amount of protein consumed in a WFPB diet). Many people believe that a dietary average of 17-18 percent of calories from protein, also the current average level of protein consumption among Americans, is a good health practice. In 2002, the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Sciences (FNB) concluded, based on no credible evidence, that we can consume protein up to an astounding 35 percent of calories without health risk–a number three times the longstanding RDI! At the time of the report, the director of the FNB was a major dairy industry consultant, and the majority (six out of eleven) of the members of a companion policy committee (the USDA “Food Pyramid” Committee) also had well-hidden dairy industry ties. Dairy groups even helped to fund the report itself. At this rate, before long, the government may start recommending a milk faucet in your kitchen next to the one for water.” (p. 254)

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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