After meeting a fellow vegan at the local coffee shop who admired my vegan shirt and laptop sticker (she mentioned his talk @ 7PM; I walked home, drank a healthy smoothie, and walked back to the library–I LOVE city life), I attended a free talk he gave at my local library last week. People kept walking in to hear him speak. Probably something to do with him being an expert in his field.

“When asked about his advice for vegans with regard to vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids, he answered:

‘There is no reason whatsoever to be concerned about this. In fact it’s much easier to have a healthy well-balanced vegan diet than it is to have a healthy non-vegan diet. A vegan diet is loaded with vegetables, fruits, beans and whole grains—all very rich in vitamins and minerals, much richer than you would find in a typical meaty diet. These foods bring us fiber while meat, dairy, and eggs contain no fiber at all. It’s almost impossible to have a truly healthy diet that includes muscle tissue, eggs, and milk.

B-12 is something you do want to consider, but it’s not made by animals or plants. It is made by bacteria, and we presume that up until the advent of modern hygiene the bacteria in the soil on our hands, in our mouths, probably provided the roughly one microgram per day that you need. I’m certainly not encouraging us to go back to an earlier way of living, but there is B-12 in every multiple vitamin, so take your multi-vitamin. Or if you’d rather not do that, have a fortified product like soymilk or cereal.

I don’t think omega-3s are an issue at all. The body needs relatively little omega-3 fatty acids. There’s not much fat in beans or vegetables but what there is, is quite high in omega-3.’

Isn’t he a breath of fresh, truthful air?


Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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