Speaking of finding someone to love, I’ve hired a matchmaker. Yes, such a person exists. Her names’s Michelle and as well as being a fellow vegan–she and her cool son, B, founded the DC vegan group I joined–she owns a professional matchmaking service.


We hit it off at the one vegan group dinner the group’s attended so far–fab Indian food, friendly but poor service overshadowed by meeting eight other interesting, funny, lovely vegans. You and B better plan another vegan outing soon, Michelle!

Of course, at some point I start bemoaning dating at a certain age in the 21st century (not knowing Michelle’s job), the disastrous dates and humiliations of on-line dating. That caught her attention. After describing the almost complete lack of return smiles to my own since moving here, she said (without an ounce of arrogance), “People always return my smile.” Well, look at her–beautiful, warm, polished, confident, and has regular sex–of course, people return her smiles.


I kid. She deserves all of it. And she believes I do, too. At one point during our dating conversation, I blurted out, “Look at me. I’m awesome!” To which another gorgeous vegan woman, Samantha, caught up in the subject, chimed in, “You are awesome!” Seriously, make as many vegan friends as possible. They ooze support and compassion.

After my exclamation (yes, I do believe I’m awesome–it took the psych ward, meds, and lots of therapy and work on my part to believe it, dammit), Michelle handed me her card. “I know I can help you. Email me. Let’s talk.”

To be continued…




Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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