I will give you the lowdown of last night’s date later today. Got home around 11:30PM after much strolling (which I did enjoy as usual; and yes, I brought $20 in one dollar bills and handed a few (one wouldn’t take it and another K told me afterwards wasn’t homeless; a funny mock argument ensued: “Why didn’t you tell me?” “I said, move on!” “I thought you pulled me aside to tell me something! You didn’t so I gave him the money!” “I thought you knew what I meant!” and laughing) to each homeless person we passed–that was part of my date idea and I meant it!, a cocktail, and fabulous Indian dinner. Can’t remember the name of the place but I’m going back. I ordered their JACKFRUIT curry–so excited to see it on the menu–and he asked what other vegan dish we should share, which was a nice gesture; we loved both dishes AND the best vegetable pakoras he suggested we share, too. I wore the damn new sandals which, and I don’t know if this means anything, didn’t bother me until I got home and assessed the damage.

K is an interesting man. I don’t know what to make of him yet. I’d like to go out on a second date because, as usual, today I’m thinking of all the great things I should’ve said last night but didn’t. I’ll remember them if we get together for a movie like he suggested we go to sometime (does “sometime” mean sayonara?). He did repeat what a pleasure it was, the night and meeting me. I felt the same way. He’s TOTALLY different from my non-communicative ex. Asked lots of questions I wasn’t prepared to answer (going by the Matchmaker’s rules!) completely–meaning he caught me off guard.

I kinda wish I’d told him my RA flare had wiped me out after being out all day to explain my not articulating as well as I’d wished. When I got home, into jammies, and completed bedtime ablutions, I sank onto the sofa and didn’t move for an hour. Utter exhaustion. And yet while I was out I was definitely having a good/interesting/illuminating time and being 100% me. Yikes!

Wow, I love to talk and write and I haven’t given you the lowdown yet. Must be the coffee and clearing skies, the first of which I need a second cup. So great to have (or soonish to have) interesting stuff–life–to share with my friends and mom!

Hope you all had a wonderful night and enjoy a great 4th. I wanna do something tonight and I doubt Politics & Prose is open for its fun Friday night events. Someone invite me somewhere! Man, I’m pushy. Guess that happens when you move to the city 😉

Love and peace.



    1. Thanks and you’re so right. I forgot how fun and exciting it is to make the effort and whew, see they made it, too 😉 And to see that I’ve grown, that seeing one small aspect of someone you weren’t looking for doesn’t mean they’re still not worth getting to know, because you never know, right? Moving to DC was the best decision I’ve made in a long time…

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