Yes it is, Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy.

Today was a wash as I knew it would be. I ate healthfully if not enough (the pretty pink date dress I wore is an XS; I’m down to XS now), took a 3+ hour nap, practiced some yoga and rebounded for a minute. Will meditate, clean the LBs, do another gentle yoga practice (maybe), try to read and go to sleep. As great as it was to be out so much yesterday and go out on a first date again, I overdid it and it did me in.

I need more pads, wanted to get out in the sun, eat more, but lacked the energy to do it. Oh, and laundry. It needs doing badly and I thought I could at least accomplish that. Nope. Exhaustion. Fatigue like nobody’s business. I wish people understood what that word means, how living with active RA affects every aspect of my life, every minute of my day. That I’m not lazy and want people to do stuff for me ’cause I just don’t feel like going out.

I hear the fireworks on the Mall. I wanted to go out tonight but realized that wasn’t going to happen. I would’ve loved to go to a 4th of July picnic or outing. Glad my mom got to the former and hope others are enjoying the special night.

Oh, and I’m not depressed. It’s the tiredness talking. Additional date info will have to wait another day.

Peace out. xo

One thought on “ANOTHER DAY

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